April 22, 2024

Meeting Someone I Met Online?

So on Saturday night i have a date with a guy i met online. I actually met him using yahoo answers. We have been talking on and off on AIM for a few months. During that time mentioned where he worked. He also gave me his myspace. He looks like a good guy. Well about 2 days ago our conversation -DRASTICALLY- picked up. We’ve been talking on the phone until the early mornings. And were meeting face to face for the first time saturday.
Now i know that it is always risky meeting people online. Well whenever i call him and he cant pick up it goes to his voicemail and he mentions where he works in his voice mail. I made him take a picture 2 days ago with the current date written in multicolors so i know that he matched the myspace pictures. Were going places really close to my house. I know every road were going to take and my friends will be texting me throughout the date to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Although im not out to my parents, so they think im going out with friends.